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Whether you need your pool clean and blue,
or your hot tub piping hot and running smooth,
Clark Pool and Spa has you covered!
owned and operated


Pool Weekly cleaning

Whether you just need help with chemicals, want to just enjoy your water and not have to think about your pool, or would like something in between, we have a package to suit your needs. Call us today to hear about our rates.

Spa Bi-monthly cleaning

It can be tricky to get the chemicals just right in your hot tub. Save yourself the hassle and call us today to hear about our hot tub rates. We can also come out and give your hot tub a one time deep cleaning if it needs help getting back on track.

Repairs and special jobs

Green Pool Clean Up

Once a pool turns green, it can be challenging to get the chemicals balanced correctly. Instead of shopping at Leslie's, give us a call. We are trained experts in pool chemistry and recreational water illnesses. We can get even the greenest of pools back to clear blue.

Part Replacement

There are a great deal of components involved with keeping a pool/spa running smoothly. Even the simplest of setups needs a trained professional to diagnose and solve issues. Save yourself the head ache and leave it to us to replace aging and/or broken parts.

Chemical Start up

After getting your pool replastered, it needs a delicate balance of cleaning and chemicals for a full two weeks in order to cure properly. Protect your investment and call today   

Customized Pool Design

About us

Clark Pool and Spa is run by us: Drew and Rebecca. Drew is a second generation pool technician, and we are both certified pool operators.  We are committed to giving our clients excellent service, quality work, and quick communication. You can count on us to respond right away when you are experiencing issues, and to get the job done so you can get back in the water and start relaxing!
Serving the Following:
Pleasant Hill
Walnut Creek
El Sobrante
San Pablo

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